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E series (EMULSION TYPE) are concentrated liquid polymer
flocculants that match today's energy-saving trends.

Nonionic/Anionic Series [ACCOFLOC®E]
Cationic/Amphoteric Series [ARONFLOC®E]

E series (EMULSION TYPE) products are concentrated, liquid polymer flocculant. Compared to powder-type flocculant, they save labor and are easier to automate. Also, because they are readily soluble, they can improve the performance of solution facilities.
A wide-range line-up of nonionic, anionic, and cationic products maximizes the effects according to need.

1. Excellent solubility
Whereas conventional powder flocculants take 40 to 60 minutes for 90% of the powder to dissolve, E series requires only a few minutes, depending on the dissolution method.

2. Labor-saving
E series products come in liquid form, so they are more suited to automated dissolution and continuous automated dissolution than powder flocculants. In addition, because they dissolve easily, solution facilities can be downsized.

3. Superior flocculating and dewatering performances
Unlike the production method of conventional powder flocculant, E series products are created according to an emulsion polymerization method, and their dewatering performance is especially outstanding.

4. No powder-scattering
Since E series products are liquid, there is no worry of powder scattering when handling them, and thus they help improve the working environment.

How to Use E series

1. Dissolution concentration
Dissolve E series to a concentration appropriate to the dissolution equipment. (Please refer to the table below for optimal concentrations of each product.) A concentration of 1:400 for nonionic and anionic products and 1:200 for cationic products is recommended.

2. Dissolution water
Dissolution water should be a pure (pH-neutral) water. Even if good quality dissolution water is not available, E series 's high solubility makes it possible to obtain better performances than powder products in some cases. (Please consult with us before use.)

3. Dissolution method
To dissolve E series, directly add it into the dilution water feed, or swiftly pour it into a stirring dissolution tank. If stirring in the tank is weak, if E series is added slowly, or if it is applied in small doses, it will take a prolonged time to dissolve uniformly.
As shown in the graph, results can be obtained in a short time, but it would take more than 10 minutes to obtain stable performance.
In addition, dissolution facilities can be compacted with the use of continuous dissolution equipment that require less dissolution time.

Comparison of dissolution speed

Comparison of dissolution methods

* E series is a liquid flocculant, so if it is left standing for a prolonged period of time, the dispersed particles will gradually settle and create a supernatant. To prevent this separation, regularly stir the liquid before use.

Stirring procedure

Storage tank
Regular stirring using a mixer
(approx. 10 min./day)
Drum Invert the drum
(for long-standing stock)
Cans and other small packages Place the outlet facing down
Shake and stir well before use

* E series products contain additives which may affect the material you are using. Make sure that the dissolution facility storage tank for the stock solution, pumps, and piping are made of appropriate material.

The following chart shows examples of materials that are suitable and not suitable for each type of equipment.

Storage tank Suitable SUS316 FRP Polyvinyl chloride
Acceptable Polyethylene
Not suitable SS
EStirring mixer (contact portion)
Suitable SUS316
Not suitable Cast iron SS
Piping Suitable SUS316 Polyvinyl chloride
Not suitable SS
Packing Suitable Teflon Viton
Not suitable EPDM NBR Neoprene

*Handling (Be sure to read the product instruction manual before use)

If E series adheres to your skin during use, wipe it off with a brush or cloth and wash with water. When handling E series , always wear rubber gloves and safety goggles.
If E series gets in your eye, rinse your eye with water and consult a medical doctor .
If you spill E series on the floor, absorb it with a cloth, sawdust, or sand, and wipe it away before flushing the floor with water.

*Storage safety

E series should be stored in a cool, dark place at temperatures between 5C and 30C. Shelf life is four months from the date of delivery.
Be sure to close the receptacle containing E series before storing it. Avoid storing it in locations where direct sunlight or other factors are apt to raise the temperature.
If left standing for a prolonged period of time, the liquid may separate. In this case, stir well before use. There is no influence on the quality of the product.
The liquid concentrate may freeze if it is left abandoned at temperatures below -5C. Store it in a location where freezing will not occur.

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